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The following Urbanite web offset Press is to be of 22-3/4” cut-off, in accordance with
current Goss specifications.


12- Urbanite new press units arranged as Six (6) two (2) highs,

Side register on each of the plate cylinders.
Circumferential register mechanism for #10 and#13 plate
Variable speed motors for the dampener system.
Oil bath lubrication system.
Covered ink dampening rollers, and blankets.
“T” bar blanket lockup.
Drop-down ink fountains.
Motorized ink fountain rollers.
Central locator pins.
Lever style ink fountain.
Spring loaded tension plate lockup system.
Automatic impressions throw off arrangements.
Full page compensators.
SIX (6) 2-high stacking parts.
Lights for stacked unites (6 arch lights total).
Push button stations (two on each unit.
Anti-offset tape.
Unit safety guards.

2 – Urbanite half page folders, 22-3/4” cut off, complete with:

Collect cylinder.
Five figure mechanical counter.
Five figure electric counter.
Tachometer calibrated in papers per hour.
Tabloid skip slitter, for alternating tabloid/broadsheet products.
Chrome former boards, drilled for air.
Running pin adjustments.
Kicker mechanism to jog every 25th or 50th paper.
Web with range (quarter and half folded) between 21” and 35”.
Operating side delivery extension.
Safety folder guards.
One Urbanite Quarter page folder.
Under-folder leads.
Pneumatic trolleys on all formers.

Drives and Clutching

Complete press drive replacement 3 150HP AC Motors (2010 )
Fincore spec series 3000 DC-SRC controllers.
Floor mounted controller.
Blower motors and filters.
Sequential start-up device.
Capability of operating a 12 unit press at a speed of 50,000 p.p.h. (non-collect).
Signal light.
Warning bell with a safety time delay.
One (1) clutches between units.

Pasters and Substructure

Nine (9) Goss Two (2) Arm Rtps, substructures mounted beneath press.

Additional Equipment

1 - Drive selector switch and clutch for splitting 2 presses at folders.

12 - Motorized linear compensators with switches at consoles.

1 - Manual plate bender.

1 - Consoles, one (1) at each Folder.

2 - 5 HP Blower Motors for former board.

22 3/4"
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R R Donnelley

American Color Graphics

Quebecor World

Transcontinental Printing

Brown Printing

Perry Judds

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